Fiji Retreat June 10-25, 2024

Awake With Joy

Are you ready to heal the parts of you that feel dormant and  are holding you back from stepping into your purpose?

Then this retreat is for you 

Fiji June 10-25, 2024

Women's Only Retreat

I stared out the plane window as we landed in Fiji, completely in awe that I was really there…it really happened!

Two weeks in the southern hemisphere, on the opposite of the world, on a tropical beach.


As the 7 of us attempted to squish into a small car, get our bearings driving on the opposite side of the road and attempting to stay awake until that evening, my heart was Awake With Joy!

Traveling lights up all my senses in a way that nothing else does (and it’s totally written in my natal chart which is pretty great). 

I feel profoundly present



And Alive

This was the start of a two week transformational retreat that we as a group talk about often. 

Everything from the clear blue water, to us rocking out on the dinner boat cruise (us and one other group…although some of us thought it was the whole boat rocking out to the song!), the generosity and kindness of the Fijian people, how they welcomed us into their village and taught us the Kava ceremony. 

The list could go on…

But it’s more than a list…

It’s an immersive experience that is hard to put into words 

Some of the participants say with tears in their eyes,

“It truly changed my life”

“I didn’t know I could live things I’d only seen in magazines” 

“People who didn’t go can’t quite understand how powerful it was”

If you’re ready to be Awake With Joy…

experience Fiji, 

make goat drums on the beach, 

have personalized astrology and human design readings

and be fully present, aware, awake and alive 

Then prepare to join me and up to 5 participants for a two week retreat in Fiji, June 10-25, 2024 


There is a retreat only option or a 6 months one on one mentoring with Jamie and the retreat is included. 

Contact Jamie Maddox for pricing (FB messenger or

What’s included in the Retreat price:
Round trip Flights from SLC to Nadi, Fiji with 1 checked bag (if not flying from SLC, separate plans will be made and will have an additional fee. Any flight changes, upgrades, seat selections, and/or extra baggage fees will also be an additional personal cost.)
Accommodations for two weeks in Fiji- shared room, may or may not be a shared bed
All Transportation while in Fiji
All food, snack and beverages while in Fiji (excludes personal choice, not group, snacks and drinks and food in the airport)
Multiple in country excursions
One 10” Goat drum- you get to make it
Trauma Informed Breathwork sessions
Personalized Astrology and Human Design training
All tips for excursions, drivers, etc.

What’s NOT included in the Retreat price:
Meals, drinks, snacks at the airports while traveling
Transportation to and from the Salt Lake City airport
Personal snacks and drinks not bought for the group

What about spending two weeks with the same group of people…yikes!

Let’s be honest, that can be scary!

And what if you get sick…like “gross” sick…you know??

Yes, you do get close to people on these trips. I always see people stepping up and supporting. And those needing the support get opportunities to experience it in a safe environment. Trust yourself that you're brave enough to choose you, choose a new and unique experience and learn from whatever this experience brings. 

I also intentionally plan time where participants can be alone, have down time, opt into activities and take breaks as needed. 

Have more questions? Watch the video below to get more in depth information. 

Live Q&A with Jamie

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