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Discover Your Nose Session

Your nose is fascinating! Have you ever looked at it closely and wondered what it means? In the session we pinpoint your personal resistance to money, find where you're blocking your flow and make a plan to resolve this. 

Body Mapping Session

Understanding and loving your body is  closer than you realize.

Trauma Informed Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork is amazing! It's an embodiment approach to healing, without retraumatizing or making you talk and relive every traumatic event in your life. 

Drum Ceremonies and Drum Making

Of all the ancient languages spoken and unspoken, the beat of the drum is the strongest. Every culture, continent, group and people has drumming in their history. It is the first sound we hear, and feel, as a tiny fetus in our mothers wombs...the heartbeat. The healing drums assist with anxiety, depression, nervous system integration and increases cognitive function and white brain matter.

The drum speaks not only to our cells, but also to our souls.

There are great healing powers in the sound vibration of a drum, especially ones created with intention and for the purpose of healing.

Gathering in a safe space to release on a cellular, emotional and mental level allows us ease in claiming the healing within ourselves. We will identify and release heavy energies, negative perspectives while drumming (no musical ability needed...I promise!) and connecting with high vibrational souls. 

30 Day Wealth Conscious Upgrade

What if you could upgrade your level of consciousness and program it to create wealth in just a few minutes a day?  

That's exactly what this 30 day program will help you do. 

Your perspective about money will change and so will your experience as you learn and apply step by step the things in this course. 

Each day you will watch a brief video (2-7 minutes) and have a simple assignment to do related to the video. There is also a tracking sheet to record your progress. It only takes a few minutes of intentional focus each day.

I can't wait to see the good things that start happening for you with your money!

Pick your price point and get instant access.

QuickBooks Online Training - Common Mistakes to Avoid and Basic Overview

“I’m so embarrassed.. my finances are a mess! I don’t even want to ask for your help.. but I really need it!”

I hear this in various forms throughout the year, but especially as tax time gets closer and those “disorganized finances” have to make some sort of order so taxes can be filed. 

Can you relate?

I’ve been certified with QBO for over 8 years and use it daily with 30 plus clients in my tax and accounting company. 

In this training, I review some of the common mistakes made with QBO and how to avoid them, giving an overview to familiarize you with the program and the answered questions from the live session.

Whether you have a business or it’s for your personal finances, come learn about QuickBooks Online and make financial tracking less intimidating and something you don’t have to avoid!

(You don’t have to use Quickbooks and this is not to sell subscriptions, but is for those wanting to increase their knowledge of QBO or see if it’s a program that would fit their needs)

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