Discover Your Nose Session

As a Wealth Embodiment Mentor I help women transform their relationship with money and teach how you’re uniquely designed to attract wealth...and that starts with the nose! Yes, really 😂

In Body Mapping the nose tells so much about a person…

what they value…

their spending tendencies…

their give and receive cycle…

how long it takes to make a decision…

what they'll spend time and money on…

and the list goes on. 

In this session we'll dive into these aspects to find out what resistance you have with money and make a plan so you can resolve this and join the flow of money! 

What clients have to say about doing a session with me:

"A nose session with Jamie is not just about money! I have been listening to the replay of the nose session I had with Jamie and it has been the jumpstart for my personal healing. We talked about money but the awareness of my own value and my relationship with myself has been incredible! Thank you!"     - Kehaulani

"After this nose discovery session I was able to give myself permission to trust myself with money, the FULL expression of it!!!"  - Cytel

"Thank you for the session! It was like remembering a forgotten part of me." - RH

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