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Hey Friend, welcome to my world.

I hope you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime 😉

If you met me in real life, you might think I’m a little bit of a thrill-seeker. I’m not one to shy away from a new experience- be it zip-lining, taking a charter plane to the cliffs of Washington, or running off to Fiji to explore new waters and nourish my soul.

But my absolute favorite adventure, is the one I get to go on with my clients every. single. day.

It’s the adventure of you. Of your soul. Your desires.

I love showing my clients the roadmap to achieving everything God (the creator, higher power, whatever feels best for you..) has set apart for them in this life.

Are you ready?


Let’s just say, I’ve been through a lot.

Abuse. Divorce. Infertility. A Bizarre Medical Diagnosis….

But one thing you’ll quickly learn about me, I am one tenacious woman.

I did not stop until I got what I knew, without a doubt, My Creator had in store for me.

→ An all-expenses paid adoption, where I finally got to take my beautiful daughter home with me, and experience the joys (and trials) of motherhood.

→ A Medical Diagnosis that I can easily manage, without interrupting my adventure-seeking agenda.

→ Multiple companies, all creating wealth for me in their own ways.

The journey getting here was not easy, but the lessons I learned along the way were invaluable.

As I blazed the trail to heal myself, I picked up many healing modalities that I could share with others. Trauma-Informed Breathwork, Drum-making and Healing, Body Mapping, and Astrology, among others.

To be honest, many of the decisions I was making seemed to make zero sense to those in my life… (like taking a few days off from my practical accounting job to take a drum-making clinic, for example)

… but within this journey I realized…

It was exactly within those specific decisions… in choosing myself even though it made absolutely no sense to anyone else…

That my money grew.

Could it be? I asked myself many times, as I sat with the magnitude of what I was realizing… 

Could it be that getting and staying married, finding a stable, boring job, and sacrificing little pleasures to save a buck weren’t actually the only way to wealth?

Is it possible that a possible secret to wealth … was in choosing me?

I tested my theory, and the results were clear.

The more I chose me, the more money I made.

The catch, though, was that I *actually* had to choose ME.

Not what I thought I wanted.
Not who my parents or society thought I was.
Not even who I thought I was.


When my clients come to me, the obvious reason is because they want to make more money. 

(Yes! I love this.)

And what I find, 99 times out of a 100, is that the reason women are pushing money away is because what they THINK they want is NOT in fact what they ACTUALLY want.

So they go for what they *think* they want, and their body is like “Nope. Sorry. Not gonna work.”

And that’s where women get stuck.

Okay Jamie, this is all making sense. But how do I discover what I *actually* want?

Well, that answer is found in the beautiful combination of trauma-informed healing, body mapping, and astrology.

Turns out, Our Creator has given us the roadmap all along. And it’s been available to us since our birth.

→ Now, I use this knowledge to help women transform their relationship with money in powerful ways. ← 

Like Cytel, started speaking up regarding how she wanted her family finances to be used and saw a massive increase in income

Like Janelle, who transformed her business and finally started charging what she’s worth.

Like Nicole, a solo parent, found the courage and way to to move forward financially.

Are you ready to discover what you were created to manifest in this life?

I sure hope so.

Everyone who comes to me on this journey starts with a nose session, because the nose tells me so much about who you are, what you value, and how you are made to manage money.

So, are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime?

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