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Welcome, Powerful Woman.

If you’re here, that means you are ready to transform your relationship with money.

I’m Jamie Maddox, Trauma-Informed Healer, Accountant, Mom and Your Guide to living the Wealthy Life you desire.

You may have found me online, through a friend, or maybe you heard about my weird nose sessions and are curious what that’s all about (spoiler alert: your nose has A LOT more to do with your wealth than you think)

What I do is kinda hard to put into words…

If I had a title, it would be Trauma-Informed Drum-Making Accountant, Astrologer, Healer & Wealth Embodiment Guide

But since that’s a mouthful, let’s just say I’m the one women go to when they are ready to make money, honey 😉

Usually when women find me, they were ready to start building wealth yesterday.

You’ve done the masterminds- paid five-figures for the business coach- bought (and read!)  the books- attended the retreats- and got the t-shirt.

What I find is that the women who come to me are hardworking and talented. What they are doing *should* be bringing in wealth, but for some reason, they’re not bringing in as much as they’d like.

99 times out of a 100, the reason women are pushing money away is because what they THINK they want is NOT in fact what they ACTUALLY want.

So they are hitting the gas and the break at the same time, and going nowhere fast.

And that’s where women get stuck.

The key to my client’s success is, I help them discover what they actually want, and get their entire being… body, mind, and soul, in alignment with those desires.

This is through the beautiful combination of trauma-informed healing, body mapping, and astrology.

Turns out, God has given us the roadmap all along. It’s on your body.

Yes, on your body. Find out how this works.

Are you ready to experience this alignment?
To discover the wealth you were created to manifest in this life?

Let’s start with a nose session.

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