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Oh no, I don’t have my medicine in my backpack!

My daily, life saving, necessary med…

I had just sat down at my gate and my flight was set to depart in just over an hour

I quickly ran through my available options:

-Uber home (about 30 minutes in good traffic), grab the medicine and Uber back (another 30 minutes in good traffic)

-Get on my flight, contact my doctor when I land and pray she can send my prescription to a pharmacy there

-Contact a friend/neighbor/family member to break into my house, get it, then bring it up to me and I’d meet them outside of security

Quickly weighing the pros and cons and validity of all the options, I decided to Uber once again

I ordered an Uber, got my medicine, came back and as I was going through security again got a notification that my flight was delayed 15 minutes…which meant, I made it on the flight just in time!

Let’s just say, I never want that experience again!

And I don’t want you to have a similar experience

So let me help if you’ve ever had a “What the!” moment while packing for a trip

Or you’ve ever over packed…or under packed

Or brought stuff you haven’t worn in years…”just in case”

Or completely forget your everyday necessities…#toothbrush

While preparing for my Awake with Joy Fiji Retreat, I realized I have an amazing packing list that covers a lot of the basics (Thanks to one of my assistants!)

I would love to share this comprehensive packing list with you so packing next time is far less stressful

Happy travels!

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